– review by Han Spinel (views are my own, and reflect first impressions)

**Spoiler Warning**

The Rise of Skywalker had some incredible moments and settings, amazing special effects and space battles, and certain characters really shined in this finale and farewell to the Skywalker Saga. Unfortunately, I found the editing to be far too frantic in its pace, which resulted in the emotional and narrative weight of the story to rely on nostalgia rather than the narrative build up with dramatic conflicts, consequences, and payoff. It would not surprise me if a ton of story is sitting on the cutting room floor for reasons that are beyond me. Finally, I’m personally disappointed that what I thought was going to be the conclusion of the Skywalker Family story, ended up being switched to the Jedi vs Sith, but in a new family light, the Sith vs itself. In my humble opinion…

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